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We organise tours, dates, events и photoshoots on the roofs of Moscow



We have been showing Muscovites and city guests our capital from the height for 6 years – we are sure that tours and activities on the roofs help to look at Moscow in a new way.

6 years

of organizing walks on the roofs

23 guides

accompany participants every day

10 678 tours


«From the roofs you can see an unforgettable view of Moscow – we show the usual sights of the historical center from an unusual side and give the guests of the city unique emotions».
Andrey Veselov
founder of inroof

Tours on Moscow roofs

Moscow is famous for its Red Square and the Kremlin - we offer to look at these and other sights of the capital from the top and learn interesting facts about the key dominants of the historical center.

Group tours

The guide carries a walk on several rooftops, which are interconnected, and tells the story of the famous places of the city center, including Red Square, Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral. We form groups of up to eight people, so that everyone feels comfortable.

600 ₽ per person
1 hour

Personal tours

We organize walks for individual companies - you can have up to eight people. The same program awaits you, and in addition to this tour we offer to conduct a photoshoot – you will get a report about your company's walk on the roofs of Moscow.

from 3 800 ₽ per group
1 hour

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Our guides

The most experienced guide
Andrey Kukharev
Conducted 743 excursions
The most bearded guide
Anton Kramchaninov
Conducted 319 excursions
The most attentive guide
Yuri Petrov
Conducted 504 excursions

We fully take the lead in organizing a memorable evening for lovers on the roof in Moscow. You will have a dinner for two, balloons and flowers, music and a beautiful panorama of the city.

from 3 800 ₽
from 1 hour

We organize celebrations of different formats - from birthdays to bachelorette parties. We can think over all the details of the event on our own or provide the spot for rent to you – you will find the equipped roof with everything you need, including furniture and crockery.

from 3 000 ₽
from 1 hour

Gift certificate

Give your friends a certificate for a tour or an event with a view of St. Petersburg. They do not need to worry about anything — it’s not renting a roof, but full-fledged support of any event by a professional team.

We ask you to make a prepayment, call to clarify details, and send an electronic certificate. All certificates are valid for a month from the date you specify.

Photo shooting

2 900


from 3 000 ₽


from 3 800 ₽ per group

They say only the best about us


Экскурсия по крыше

Интересно, позновательно, но в то же время не занудно, и, конечно же, красиво! Безопасно, если соблюдать меры предосторожности:).

Review posted on 28 september 2018


Seva — an 18-year-old, iPod- wearing, St. Petersburg tour guide with wild, curly blond hair, a youthful wit, and a subversive edge — quietly leads me and my newfound friend Nastya into an 18th-century, yellow apartment building with a grid of rectangular windows, up five flights of stairs, through a dark attic with a coarse, concrete floor, and across a wooden walkway. Nastya — an ambitious, smart, fashionable, 23-year-old Russian woman working in advertising with a round face and dirty blond hair — has generously agreed to show me around St. Petersburg.

Nastya and I follow Seva toward a blinding light shining through an opening in the slanted roof until we’re climbing a rickety, wooden staircase. Suddenly, we’re standing on the building’s tin roof, looking down at tourist boats cruising under green, arched bridges crossing the murky waters of the Fontanka, flanked by the white, yellow, beige, and red waffle-like fronts of 18th-century buildings. In the distance, I see St. Petersburg’s most well-known landmarks: the golden dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the green, blue, and grey onion domes of the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood. “Try to step only on the ridges,” Seva advises as the three of us walk across the roof and then step onto the roof of an adjacent building.

Review posted on 15 june 2018


Months ago I booked a celebration on the roof. We wanted to throw a party in honour of decade of our firm. Colleagues suggested excellent panoramic roof which without any problems accommodated all of us. I could never think that it is possible to conduct such a global event on the roof.

INROOF organized music, buffet table, balloons. They invited professional photographer and musicians; also the roof was decorated with beautiful flower compositions. To compare with other offers concerning organizing our celebration, INROOF has the best price-quality relationship. Thank you a lot!

Review posted on 11 april 2018

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