Birthday party

We hold parties on the roof — here you can unusually celebrate a birthday and admire the panorama of Moscow from above.

3 900 ₽

Birthday party on a roof with inroof — more interesting than at home


We organize events on the spot, which is specially fenced with sides and fences. Guests can wear any outfit and comfortably sit on the roof: the area is covered with the material that does not slip even in the rain.


The capital is known for its sights, such as the Kremlin, Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery and Gorky Park — from a height you can see them and other historical dominants of the city.


We suggest you celebrate a birthday in an unusual way — not in a restaurant or at home, but on the roof. We will prepare everything that you need for the holiday: we will order dinner, decorate the spot, organize photography.

How is it held?

1 step

You fill an application on the site, after that a coordinator contacts you. He will answer your questions about the cost of rent, additional services and find out exactly how you see your party.

2 step

By your arrival we will prepare everything that is needed for the celebration: we will install a shed, tables, chairs, prepare dishes and speakers for music. Food and drinks, balloon decoration and photoshoots are ordered separately.

3 step

An administrator will accompany you to the roof to talk about the rules for being on the spot and leave you for an hour. If time is not enough, you can rent a spot for an additional hour with a 50% discount regardless of the number of guests.

4 step

At the end of the holiday the administrator will take you to the exit. If you like our spot and you want to organize a date or a bachelorette party here, then you can address questions to the administrator — he will tell you the details.

Book a party

You can design your perfect party.
What is included in the basic version?
  • Safe comfortable area with evening illumination
  • Tables, chairs, benches
  • Dishes
  • Blankets
  • Musical accompaniment

Price per hour depends on the number of people
2 people
3 900 ₽
3 — 7 people
7 900 ₽
8 — 11 people
11 900 ₽
12 — 15 people
14 900 ₽
Additional features
1 900 ₽
2 900 ₽
490 ₽
1 900 ₽
1 900 ₽
Menu from the inroof team
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Why the dates with inroof are the best in the city

Только ваши гости

Организуем праздники на площадке, где нет других гостей, кроме вас — экскурсии проводятся по другому адресу. Полиция и соседи также не помешают вам весело проводить время с друзьями — мы заключили все соглашения с собственниками дома.

Everything you need

You will not need to organize a holiday on your own — we will take care of everything and prepare food and drinks for you, arrange tables and chairs, and organize photography. You will only have to invite guests.

Panoramic view

From our observation deck, you will see the entire historical center of the capital with its dominants: Red Square, the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery and Gorky Park. This view will be the perfect background for festive photos.

What sights can be seen?

A walk passes through one of the pre-revolutionary buildings in the heart of St. Petersburg. From the top you will see the key St. Petersburg dominants.

Red Square and the Kremlin
Red Square and the Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin and Red Square are the most famous architectural ensemble of the country and the best example of the national architectural school. The Kremlin is the official residence of the Russian president.

St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral

The cathedral is located on Red Square and is considered one of the most famous architectural monuments of Moscow. It consists of ten churches installed on one base and connected together.

Moscow River
Moscow River

One of the most famous embankments of the Moskva River is the Kremlin one. It is located between Lenivka Street and Vasilievsky Descent. This is the first stone embankment in Moscow.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior
The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The largest cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church — accommodates up to 10,000 people. The temple is considered a memorial to Russian military glory — a monument to all who fought for the country in its entire history.


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Give a certificate

You can give a friend or the second half a certificate for organizing a party — such a gift will be a pleasant surprise to anyone who wants to have an interesting birthday celebration. In order to get a certificate, fill the form with the data on the site and make a prepayment. The operator will call you back to discuss the details of the celebration. After you pay the full cost of the party, we will send a certificate to your email address. The certificate must be implemented within a month from the date you specify. If the holiday is not held due to your fault, we will not refund the prepayment.


from 3 900 ₽