Date on the roof is the best surprise that exists ever

3 900 ₽

We offer to enjoy dinner and magical views of Moscow – we organize dates for two on the roofs.

Boat trips on the Moscow River are famous for its romance — from the water, the city seems to be quite different, and the sound of the waves and warm rugs create a special atmosphere. But from a height there is a truly breathtaking view of Moscow, and there will be only two of you.

You will not need to organize anything — we take it upon ourselves. We will create the most romantic atmosphere for a festive dinner and by your arrival we will prepare everything you need — this evening will be remembered for a lifetime.


We organize dates on a separate spot, where you will be left alone. You will enjoy the beauty of Moscow from a height and romantic atmosphere — no one will interfere with you. In case of cloudy weather, we have provided a shelter — even the rain will not be able to spoil the evening.

Incredibly beautiful

Moscow is famous for its views and sights, including the Kremlin, Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery and Gorky Park. From the height you can admire them and other symbols of the city.

How is it held?

1 step

To book a date, you need to fill the feedback form. After that, the administrator will call you and tell you about the conditions, place, cost and give a list of services that can be ordered additionally.

2 step

On a specially prepared spot you will find furniture, dishes and music. Live music, dinner, spot decoration and photography can be ordered in addition.

3 step

The administrator will lead you to the roof and tell you the rules for being at the area. You will have an hour alone with the second half. If an hour is not enough for you, you can extend the rent — we offer a 50% discount for the following hours.

4 step

At the end of time, the administrator accompanies you downstairs. If you have questions about other events or tours that we organize, the administrator will answer them.

We have gathered all our services and offers in the packages — so you can choose for yourself the perfect set depending on the purpose of the event. At the same time, we have kept the opportunity to create your own version of a date — you can always include an additional service.

First date

The first date is the beginning of a story for two lovers, a reverent memory that will stay with you for life. It will surely go smoothly with us — we have a lot of experience in organizing events.

  • Live music
  • Bottle of white or red wine
  • Cheese plate
  • Fruit plate
  • Bouquet of flowers
11 570 ₽

Marriage proposal

A special moment for lovers. We share the excitement of the future bride and groom and are ready to think up the evening to the details — so you can certainly surprise your soul mate, and this moment will be unforgettable for both of you.

  • Festive dinner
  • Live music
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Champagne
  • Photoshoot
13 580 ₽

Dinner on Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, it is customary to surprise your beloved — a date on the roof will be an unusual, but definitely an excellent choice for such a day.

  • Decoration with balloons
  • Bottle of white or red wine
  • Live music
  • Photoshoot
13 090 ₽

Why the dates with inroof are the best in the city

Atmospheric place

A cozy spot with a view of all of Moscow and its main attractions — a place that every romantic will appreciate. Here you can dine and admire the panorama of Red Square, the Kremlin, the Moscow River, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Safe spot

We have equipped the site with a special coating and fences — so you will not slip and fall. We also concluded all agreements with the owners of the apartments — being on the roof is legal, and no one will disturb the special atmosphere of your evening.

Everything you need

We made sure that you were comfortable on the roof — we installed furniture, a canopy in case of bad weather. For your date, prepared blankets, music and beautiful lighting. You can also take food and drinks with you to the roof or order dinner from us.


Seva — an 18-year-old, iPod- wearing, St. Petersburg tour guide with wild, curly blond hair, a youthful wit, and a subversive edge — quietly leads me and my newfound friend Nastya into an 18th-century, yellow apartment building with a grid of rectangular windows, up five flights of stairs, through a dark attic with a coarse, concrete floor, and across a wooden walkway. Nastya — an ambitious, smart, fashionable, 23-year-old Russian woman working in advertising with a round face and dirty blond hair — has generously agreed to show me around St. Petersburg.

Nastya and I follow Seva toward a blinding light shining through an opening in the slanted roof until we’re climbing a rickety, wooden staircase. Suddenly, we’re standing on the building’s tin roof, looking down at tourist boats cruising under green, arched bridges crossing the murky waters of the Fontanka, flanked by the white, yellow, beige, and red waffle-like fronts of 18th-century buildings. In the distance, I see St. Petersburg’s most well-known landmarks: the golden dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the green, blue, and grey onion domes of the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood. “Try to step only on the ridges,” Seva advises as the three of us walk across the roof and then step onto the roof of an adjacent building.

Нам понравилась экскурсия, но чтобы было понятно это выход на одну из крыш, где открывается красивая панорама. Пофотаться?! Да! Послушать нескучного с чувством юмора и хорошими знаниями экскурсовода?! Да! Но я ждала, честно сказать... именно прогулки с крыши на крышу... Рекомендую посещать вечером... Город светится... все основные достопримечательности так же подсвечены. Красота и романтика! Но летом, будь я в Москве ещё раз, хотела бы попасть именно на прогулку по крышам...такие Экскурсии существуют... а так экскурсия своих 600р. (для людей с улицы) 700р. (для клиентов с трипэдвайзера) стоит.

Give a certificate

To get a certificate, you need to fill the form with your data and data of the recipient of the gift and make a prepayment. Then the operator will call you back, tell you in detail about the place and conditions and clarify other details.

After the full payment of the cost of the certificate we will send you an electronic copy.

Our gift certificates must be used within one month from the date you specify while booking. If the date did not take place due to your fault, we will not refund the cost.

Date on the roof

from 3 900 ₽