Tour on the roofs of Moscow is a walk accompanied by a guide on several houses in the city center with a view of the main sights. You do not have to go down - our routes are lined up along several interconnected roofs.

600 ₽
с человека
1 hour walk lengths 8 people number of the group 200 metres lengths of the route

We conduct tours even during the rain — our spots are equipped with fences, special tracks and non-slip roofing, so they are safe in case of any weather

Time of excursions

We advise you to make a reservation for the morning or afternoon – in the first half of the day the most beautiful view opens due to bright sunlight, and there is the most suitable weather for a trip on the roof.

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Book an excursion

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How are the tours held?

We conduct safety briefing

Before the start of the tour, your guide conducts a safety briefing. All our spots are legal and safe – the route is equipped with special tracks and fences.

Get up on the system of roofs

The walk lasts an hour and goes through a whole system of roofs – without going downstairs, you will walk along a 200-meter-long route. We conduct tours only on the houses where we have official arrangements with tenants.

We tell unique stories aboutMoscow

You will hear unique stories about Moscow from the experienced guide and see key dominants: smith.

We go to the start of the route

After the walk the guide will lead you downstairs – the route ends right where it starts, so you will go down the same safe way.

Individual tours

We condect individual walks for your friends. It is the same roadand you have the guide, that tells you interesting stories about Moscow

Only your friends

If you want to spent more time for photos or ask your guide a question, this tour is for you. You will have more freedom for this tour

1 900 ₽

You can order photograph for your individual tour.

What is the price?

1 — 4 people

3 800 ₽

5 — 8 people

4 800 ₽

Book an excursion

Book an excursion

Only for children older than 10.

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Why excursions inroof?

We show the view from several houses

You do not just look at the city from a height, but go through the so-called system of roofs connected together. You will not need to go down, and you will see all the key sights.

We organize small groups

We care about the comfort and form of small groups of up to eight people. So everyone will get a safe space for movement and hear all the stories from the guide.

We conduct a complete tour

The guides in our company are professionals with more than ten years of experience. Each of them knows a lot of fascinating stories and little-known facts about the city.

We conduct tours even during the rain;— Our spots are equipped with fences, special tracks and non-slip roofing, so they are safe in case of any weather.


Months ago I booked a celebration on the roof. We wanted to throw a party in honour of decade of our firm. Colleagues suggested excellent panoramic roof which without any problems accommodated all of us. I could never think that it is possible to conduct such a global event on the roof.

INROOF organized music, buffet table, balloons. They invited professional photographer and musicians; also the roof was decorated with beautiful flower compositions. To compare with other offers concerning organizing our celebration, INROOF has the best price-quality relationship. Thank you a lot!

Огромное спасибо! Впечатления незабываемые
Сходили с подругой на экскурсию по крышам Москвы! Хочу сразу отметить, что все было супер безопасно- на крыше были специальные резиновые дорожки! Очень начитанный и интересный экскурсовод Сергей рассказал много фактов,историй и легенд про наш город, которые даже в интернете не найдешь! А еще на крыше можно сделать очень крутые фото с закатом :)
Друзья, это нечто! Огромное спасибо всей команде инруф за то, что делаете то, что вы делаете! Впечатления незабываемые, обязательно, когда вновь приеду в Москву, поднимусь с вами на крышу! Спасибо

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